Friday, August 12, 2011

Update on FFTW-NEON Availability and Support

It appears that a company called Vesperix is now offering commercial support for FFTW on ARM presumably based on my work.

I've also been informed some time ago that the Beagleboard project has integrated FFTW-NEON into the Ångström distribution for me. Thanks Koen!

Happy Birthday Beagleboard!


Tom Wallace said...

Actually, the FFTW-ARM that we have in beta release now is a from-scratch NEON SIMD implementation that's entirely our own; it doesn't have any code from Chris's work. It was done as part of a project to bring floating-point tools to ARMv7; we did an ATLAS port as well (also in beta), to provide optimized linear algebra routines.

And just to be clear, we're releasing FFTW-ARM under the GPL, and will help other people get it working where we can, but we are *not* in the commercial software support business. We just hope it'll be useful to others who want to do neat stuff on ARM.

-- Tom Wallace, Vesperix

Tom Wallace said...

The original FFTW developers have added their own implementation of NEON support to their latest beta (FFTW 3.3.1-beta1).

It's available at the FFTW download page. This finally brings NEON to the mainstream FFTW distribution!

-- Tom Wallace, Vesperix

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